My responsibilities

I always thought that my parents are young and healthy, they can easily take care of themselves. I just realized that no matter how healthy they are, they need me to be around to take care of stuff that they know nothing about.

On retrospect, I have neglected them and I am so sorry about it.

Growing up

I grew up in a middle-class family comprises of my parents, my two brothers and myself. We stayed in a decent four-rooms HDB flat in Hougang with most of our relatives all staying within walking distance from us. My parents are traditional chinese-educated folks with the ability to speak only a smackaroo of English. We were never rich and our parents never indulged us with anything more than necessary. Every year we get clean crisp school uniforms and school bags. Every month, we get clean bedsheets… you get the idea.

I used to wonder why other parent would bring their kids go overseas for a holiday every year and we don’t. Neither did we celebrate birthdays with cakes and big parties. Only time I remembered having a birthday cake was when I was around 5 years old,rest of the time, we make do with the mee sua with a whole egg. I never knew Orchard road exist until I was in Sec 2. Not that all these really bother me, my growing up days were filled with fond memories, catching spiders and playing ‘catch-ing’ at the local playground after school, copying homework from the geeks in school, running home after school so that I can catch my 6:30opm cartoon on TV, running circles away from my mum’s cane for not doing my homework.

Today, I experienced something that brought my growing up days into perspective. I am so glad that I have a peaceful family and did not have to grow up being fearful. To me, that is probably the best gift they could have given me. Ever.

High Crass Gym

Today I was reminded why one year ago, I chose to pay more to join private gym.

1. You don’t get people dropping weights loudly on the floor.

2. You don’t get school kids playing a fool in the gym.

3. You don’t get idiots who goes gym with the intention of sticking their faces to the mirror.

4. You don’t get rusty and aging machines.

5. You don’t need to get down the treadmill after 20mins.

6. You don’t need to bring your own towel.

7. You don’t need to worry your stuff gets stolen because you have your personal locker.

8. You get all the fancy stuff like cotton ear bud, hair spray, hair drying, sauna, steam rooms etc in the toilet.

I do miss the gym, but life is all about compromising.