Fa Cai visit Marina Bay Golf Range

After visiting my grandparents today, I sent The Girl home to get ready for her trip to watch old footballers kick football to the National Stadium closing ceremony later the day. Upon reaching her place, we checked on Fa Cai and discovered  a lump on his left cheek.

The Girl panicked. I decided to bring Fa Cai to the vet just to make sure he is ok and to give The Girl a peace of mind. Before Fa Cai and I went off for our little adventure less The Girl as she has to go off to National Stadium, The Girl gave the animal clinic a call.

This was how the call went:

The Girl: Hello, I like to make a appointment to see the vet.

Clinic: Sorry, we are fully booked.

The Girl: Oh I see, but this a kinda an emergency. (<-hahahahaha)

Clinic: We are not so crowded now, maybe you like to come now and see if I can slot you in between appointments?

After a long drive and wait at the crowded clinic, it was finally our turn. Fa Cai’s name was called rather loudly, much to the amusement of other pet owners. Fa Cai and I hid our face and quickly ran into the vet’s office. After molesting Fa Cai, the lady vet certified that Fa Cai is ok, no cancerous growth, no life-threatening condition and no emergency. Unwilling to leave without medication after such a long drive to the clinic, I begged requested the vet to give Fa Cai some medication to aid his digestion. I think Fa Cai like the vet because as a parting gift, Fa Cai poo-ed twice on her hand.

Fa Cai and I decided that it was still too early to go home, so we went to hit some balls at the golf range nearby.

Fa Cai goes golf

At the carpark of the golf range, Fa Cai checking out the babes.

Since Fa Cai didn’t bring his clubs, he could only watch me play. Today is his lucky day as we saw the NDP rehearsal fly past comprises of a Chinook carrying the huge Singapore Flag and four Super Pumas flying across the range. What a spectacular sight for us!

After a long day, we decided to head home for a well deserved rest. I had to drive rather gingerly home as Fa Cai fell asleep immediately in the car. Tsk.

Not just a phone, it is a iphone

Of the millions of iphone videos on youtude, I find this the best. So if you have no time for other iphone videos, do watch this.

I don’t care what the critics say, I am going to get one. This makes other handphones look like kid’s toy.


After weeks of procastinating delay, I finally got around to bring my dad out for a belated Father’s day dinner. It is a difficult task trying to find a resturant that serves good food and affordable food. No forgetting to mention that my dad is a vegetarian, the strictly no meat, no onion, no egg type.

I was so desperate that I enlisted the help of The Girl to help in sourcing for a suitable resturant. The Girl, being as helpful as always,went to ask around and got a recommendation for a vegetatrian resturant located somewhere in Upper Bukit Timah. Everything would have been perfect apart from the fact that we conveniently forgot that we are staying in the East.

Getting quite sick of sourcing for resturants, I went direct to ask the guru himself, my dad, to choose whatever resturant he fancy. Hee.

The meal was good and what made it better was that throughout the whole dinner, there were free flowing conversation and laughter that are not commonly seen in my traditional family. It was truly an enjoyable  rare evening out with my parents.


Just Greens Vegetarian Food


49-51 Joo Chiat Place, Singapore 472223

Open: Daily 0800 – 2300 Hrs

Telephone: 6345 0069


Location: Only for people familar with Joo Chiat. Plently of parking lots at public carpark just across the road. Comment from my dad regarding the resturant, ” I saw on TV, my first time here too.”


Ambience: Modern interior with little touches of Chinese deco. First comment The Girl made upon stepping into the resturant ” I can watch TV leh!”


Service: Our tea were constantly topped up. Service with smiles. Cannot complain.


Food: My dad finished two bowl of rice. Enough said.


Cost: Affordable – Approx $10 – $15 per person. Comment my usually-stingy mum made when she saw the bill “CHEAP!”

Up, up and away!

“New target: Singaporeans to work beyond age 70?……. such efforts to hold back retirement could see Singaporeans start making withdrawals from their Central Provident Fund (CPF) Minimum Sum at the later age of 65, instead of 62. “

– Channelnewsasia 21 June 2007

Bus fare goes up

MRT fare goes up

GST goes up

COE goes up

ERP goes up

HDB goes up

Now, retirement age goes up.

I give up.

I respect you, please respect me?

To whom it may concern,

I respect your right to smoke, but I hope you would respect my right not to inhale your smoke. If I want to die young, I will let you know. Stop blowing cigarette smoke all over the place so that I can stop dodging left to right just to avoid smoke in my face.

I respect your right to have your own music taste, but I hope you would respect that my music taste may not necessary be similar to you. I can reassure you that loud techno/rock trash/cutsey pop is not on my music playlist. So please stop broadcasting your music on public transport.

I respect your right to have body odour, but I hope you would respect my right not to inhale your body odour. Having a sweaty and smelly armpit shoved into my face is no joke. Please keep your arms firmly by your side in a crowded transportation.

I respect your right to show your love your partner, but I hope you would respect my right not to watch porn show on a public transport. The actors/actresses in a porn movie are wayyyy better looking than you anyway.

I respect your right to have that innate urge to rush into a train, but I hope you would respect my right to get out of the train first.  In a crowded train, if I don’t get out, how are you going to get in?

I respect your right not to have backbone, but I hope you would respect my right to hold on to the pole that you have wrap your body around. Why are you doing on the train without a wheelchair? You don’t have backbone, remember?

I respect your right to promote your stuff/give out flyers , but I hope you would respect my right not to take it. STOP shoving flyers in my face and ask me to fill up  survey forms. Which part of my face tells you that I am stupid?

I really do respect my fellow people. Som Pa*.

*Som Pa – I swear

A Foreigner's Guide to Singapore Coffee

Singapore is a city-state where diverse culture converge and existing side by side. In this huge melting pot of race and religon, it is not uncommon to see a Hindu temple co-exist beside a Taoist temple. Also, it is not uncommon to see a local coffee chain outlet co-exist beside a Starbuck or Coffeebean outlet.

Local way of brewing coffee does not require kick-ass coffee machine or pellets of coffee bean. All that a good brew of local coffee needs is three key items, good coffee powder, hot water and a good coffee strainer. My foreign friends often have the impression that local coffee are one-dimensional and limited variety as compared to western coffee of espresso, latte, cappucino etc. Having limited knowledge of western coffee and local coffee, I shall attempt to correct this misconception.

Western Coffee                     Local equivalent

Cappuccino                            Kopi Si Tarik (Pull coffee with evaporated milk) 

Latte                                      Kopi Si (Coffee with evaporated milk)

Espresso                                Kopi Gao (Coffee thick)                          

Double shot espresso              Kopi Gao Siu Dai (Coffe thick lesser milk)

Triple shot espresso                Kopi Gao Kosong (Black coffee no milk,sugar)

Decaf coffee                            Kopi Po (Diluted coffee)

I am no coffee connoisseur but a good day for me starts with a cup of Kopi in the morning. Less than half the price somemore

My Girl, the modern Matchmaker


Being a nice and friendly person, The Girl is constantly on a lookout for any eligible girls to matchmake to my pool of single guy friends. Myself? I gave up on doing any sort of matchmaking long time ago, the hassles and the responsibilities are simply not worth it.  Despite a few failed attempts on finding a girlfriend for my friends, The Girl persisted on. I suspect she was a matchmaker in her previous life.

Anyway, The Girl got to know a new colleague, Ms C at her workplace a couple of months back. Needless to say, The Girl’s matchmaking machine quickly went to work. She invited Ms C and a friend of mine to a charity event that she organized, hoping to create some interacting opportunities for them. However, no sparks or chemistry between them quickly put an end any hope we harbored.  How wrong I was when I thought that will be the end of any matchmaking career for her.

She got to know my golf/army buddy, Mr SW and decided to pair Mr SW and Ms C up. I was skeptical when The Girl ran that idea to me as Mr SW was still recovering from a messy relationship. I did my best to delay whenever The Girl asked me to arrange a double date with Mr SW. Nothing can stop the matchmaker as it was a matter of time before The Girl saw through my plot and took matters into her own hand by sending them an introductory email.




Fast forward a couple of months later today, Mr SW and Ms C are happily in relationship with each other. As lovey dovey as any couple can get.  

All credits to The Girl.

Gemuk Saya*

Feeling fat from the countless Krispy Kremes and Nasi Gorengs in Bali, I decided to go for a run around the neighbourhood. I ran where the path led me and where the traffic lights dicated. I was pleasely surprised at the end of the one and half hour run to find out I clocked a distance of 8.3km at leisure pace.

Not a bad distance for a gemuk boy.

*Gemuk Saya – ‘I’m Fat’ in Bahasa Indonesia