New delivery number, same great taste.

After trying to get through for close to half an hour, I gave up.

I hate it when they spent so much money on promoting the service and yet neglect to provide the actual service.

I am so going to swear off KFC for a week! humpf!

Not funny when there is no money


My heart sank. This sound was emitting from my cardcard IU unit telling me that my cashcard is low in value. I distinctly remembered that it was only last week that I topped up the cashcard. The first culprit that came to my mind was my younger brother who recently just passed his driving test and has been using the family car a lot since.

To make things worse, I was approaching an ERP gantry soon and there is no way I can avoid it.  At that moment, the Chinese saying  “明知山有虎,偏向虎山行*” came straight into my mind, I was a lamb waiting to be slaughtered in an abattoir. Half hoping the ERP system would fail, I drove pass the gantry cursing and swearing at my own and my brother’s stupidity. The ERP did not fail. It is a good $10 fine that should not have incurred if I have checked the cashcard before I drove off and if my brother has the decency to top it up after using the car. It wasn’t so much of blaming my brother, but blaming myself for my inability to own and drive my own car. If I have driven my own car, this situation would never have occurred. After I drove pass the ERP gantry, I promised myself that I would get my own transportation before 2008.

Guess that is the typical middle child character in me speaking.

I should really start saving for this.

Transformer Jazz

Above: Transformer Jazz as Pontiac Solstice 


* Old chinese saying – usually used in the context where a person knowingly walks into a danger.

Fat is infectious


person’s chances of becoming obese increase by 57 percent if that person has a friend who is obese, according to the report, co-authored by James Fowler from Harvard University and Nicholas Christakis from the University of California, San Diego

Channelnewsasia 26 July 2007

If this is the case, I should really start hanging out with slim people. Eh! Wait a minute, why would the slim people hang out with me since I have 57% chance of “infecting” them. DUH.

The article further said “It is also “plausible” that “areas of the brain that correspond to actions such as eating food may be stimulated if these actions are observed by others...”

Future eateries will have high cubicle-like wall around each seat so that you will not be tempted by how  delicious that bowl of laksa that your neigbour is eating.

I did not read the full report but if the news is accurately reported, I think the time and money can be spent on more constructive studies. Studies like this  serve no purpose  other than for my amusement.

So, if ever your friend asked made the comment,”.. you put on weight…”, remember to quote this report and tell them,” All your fault lah!”

Bad weather?

“There is no such thing as bad weather, only weak mind.”


The sky looked like it was about to rain when I just started my run. There were two choices for me, take a short run and head back home or take my usual route. I decided to brave the imminent rain and was duly rewarded with a period of light drizzle. I usually hate running in the run as the air is usually wet and heavy which makes breathing very difficult. This time round, the rain was surprisingly refreshing. Along the way, I ran past the Tampines Sports Hall and saw a topless muscular guy who looked like he just came out of the gym running in front of me.  Thinking of using him as my pacer, I widen my stride to try and catch up with him.  He was fast and fresh, as compared to me, drenched and in the final leg of my run. After approximately 500m, I was about to give up on pacing the guy as he was just too fast for me, he turned into a HDB block and went into a lift. 

I ran past and cannot helped but think….


Childhood game money can buy


As a kid, I used to be fascinated with the bubble wrap, always trying to figure out how they make this kinda of stuff. In those days, we will get bubble wraps only when there is a new TV or washing machine etc. I can spend hours sitting in one corner popping all the bubbles.

You can imagine my surprise when I saw this for sale near my workplace. Heehee.

Jessica Alba HAD plastic surgery

Jessica Alba has said that she can’t understand why actresses choose to have plastic surgery.

The Fantastic Four star has vowed that she will never go under the knife because she wants to age gracefully and retain the expressive nature of her face for acting roles.

“As an actress, you express emotion with your face. And if you have plastic surgery, you lose that spark,” Alba explained. “People usually look better without surgery – my grandmother aged very gracefully.”

Guess what I saw on the Chinese paper today?


Above: Newspaper article on the alleged surgery. Right photo shows “before” and left photo shows “after”.


Apparently she had rhinoplasty and minor realignment of eyes. And I always thought she is one of the few celebrities that have not gone under the knife.

If she really had surgery, she had just shot herself on her foot. Shucks.