Air at the top smells better?

Few weeks ago, I had the opportunity of travelling on business class on a business trip to a neighbouring country. That was my first time on the business trip for my new company and the first time I travelled business class.

Few observations on how business class seats differ from normal seats

  1. You get your own ‘privilege’ check-in row/counter so that you don’t have to mingle with the ‘lesser’ beings.
  2. You get a nice bright fluorescent orange ‘priority’ tag on your check-in luggage that screams ‘I belong to rich people who travel in business class’.
  3. You get to lounge around in the exclusive lounge with free flow of food and drinks. There are sleepover beds that you can take a nap if you want to. No more sleeping along the common area while waiting for your connecting flight.
  4. Free Internet connection and shower facilities are available for your usage at your convenient.
  5. You get bigger seat, better seating configuration and stewardress/steward addressing you by your name.
  6. You get extremely friendly stewardness/steward instead of the grumpy kind you usually get back in the economy.
  7. After you settled down, you get to choose your first drink from a nice beverage menu.
  8. You can 90% sure you will definitely get your copy of the local newspaper.  They throw in a few magazines too! No more “Sorry sir, we ran out of the papers.”
  9. You get china bowls and cups instead of the usually plasticky kind.
  10. You get nice perfume, lotion , handwash soap etc in the toilets.
  11. You get to alight first.
  12. Your luggage with the bright fluorescent orange ‘priority’ tag will be on the conveyor belt first! Priority mah!

My verdict: Privilege comes with a obscene price. But if it is on company’s expense, why not?

Putting things into perspective

Coming home after a long and hard day at work and only to see your neighbour’s family getting down from a taxi, full of shopping bags in their hand.

You might ask,’What is wrong with that?’

Well, nothing wrong with that, just that this is family from the unit who caused the common walls to be vandalised with  O$P$ for months now.