There is something seriously wrong with me

I had the opportunity to visit the famous Punggol Nasi Lemark stall, near Kovan MRT last Monday. The stall holds no novelty for me I grew up in the area and visited the stall even before they moved from their previous location just across the road. Back then, in the old and dirty shop, I didn’t think much of it and find it too expensive for the quality of the food served then. And then we moved away from the area and I never have the chance to visit the stall.

Fast forward 20 years on, I have moved back to the area and frequently drove past the current stall, always wondering why are there always a long queue to the stall. Every time I drove past it, I will be cursing and swearing at the massive jam along the stretch of road that it caused.

Back to the stall, we arrived at the right time as the queue was pretty short and soon it was our turn to order. I ordered a chicken wing , a sunny side up and fried ikan bilis from the rather ‘attitude’ lady. She gave me a feeling that she was doing me a favour by selling me the food, not the other way round. Poor attitude aside, the food as exactly the way I remembered it. Barely warm tasteless chicken wing, average tasting rice, and mild chili that gives no oomph at all. Did I mention the horrendous small proportion of rice? No wonder the stall assistant was asking me if I wanted to ‘add’ rice. No comment on the egg and ikan bilis as they are pretty standard, fuss-free ingredients. I was rather upset by the poor service, average food and even more disturbed when I see the continuous long queue forming up at the stall.

Even more disturbing was when I got home and did a search on the internet on this stall, almost 99% of the people were raving about how good it is and how it is the best nasi lemak ever etc.  

I am usually the one that follows public opinion (especially those stall with lots of awards) in selection of my food, this time round…… I really beg to differ.