Tapei in 1 photo and more…

I was in Taiwan, Taipei on a 4 days business trip and extended one day to walk on my own. It is wonderful to be back in Taiwan after 6 years. I had visited Taiwan 3 times previously with the army and once on my own.

This time back, I found that nothing much has changed. Everything is what I remembered it to be. The night markets, the shopping centres and the food. To be honest, as it was a business trip, I did not really get a lot of personal time to walk around.


To a certain extent, I felt bored…. Anyway, here are some of the more interesting sights I took of Taipei.

Day 1 of exploring around my hotel and saw this shopping centre along Nanjing East road and found

Yes, I walked around to check if it is any different from Singapore. The only interesting thing I saw was

Walking out of Ikea, saw this across the street

It is apparently a popular place to hold concert in Taipei.

Day 2. Pretty late when we went back to the hotel, I only have time to walk around the hotel and took this shot.

Day 3. Took some photos while on site vist to Xinyi and Neihu

Day 4. Finally some time on my own to visit Xi Men Ting and found the food I was looking for

Smelllllly Beancurd! Yum!

Day 5: A Singapore friend who was based in Taiwan brought me to somewhere less touristy

It is call Maokong, a extremely long cable car ride the traverse the hilly region of Taipei. It was a wonderful experience and at the end of the ride, there are a number of tea houses for you to just drink tea and appreciate the scenery.

This final photo marks the end of my trip and finally explain the reason why Taiwanese are so orderly when it comes to taking escalator.


The current controversy on the proposed worker’s dormitory has caused a furor both in the Internet and the press. Some arguments brought up bordered on racism and prejudices but it also showed us the most  fundamental characteristic of a human being. The Survival Instinct – when themselves and their close ones are being threatened. Honestly, I can empathised with them but this post is not about taking sides. It is about finding the root of the problem, or rather the CAUSE of the problem.

So who is the CAUSE of the problem?


It is a no-brainer, but the planners at MND got it totally wrong this time. Same as how I will not put a nuclear plant next to a residential area, a disco pub next to a church, a park next to an incinerator, a kindergarten next to a heavy industry factory , a hotel next to a oil refinery plant and a worker dormitory next to the President’s house. It is the same reason why there are height restrictions in the area surrounding the President’s house. All in the name of safety for the President,right?

Why even proposing something that you know that will attract controversies and public concern on this? Why not convert that building into student hostels,food outlets, arty studios  etc…. things that they always do? Something that is more palatable for the residents. Why isn’t the old building along Sophia road converted into  worker’s dormitory instead? 

It is all about common sense, no? The fact is this, the difference in the countries development means that Singaporean have not reached the level of acceptance needed for the foreign workers to coexist in the same area. Their concerns are real and valid and at the same time, it is right that a suitable location has to be found to comfortable house these foreign workers that contribute to our nation building.

Before all these can be done, the planners need to stop trying to play God and try their hands on SIMCITY instead.