Ouch! Tio 'Orh Gong'!

*Orh Gong -Hokkien for fine

The Public Transport Council has fined SBS Transit S$9,300 and SMRT Buses S$1,000 for lapses in service standards in the six months from December 2007 to May 2008.

The council said the fines are due to the incompliance of standards such as operating scheduled trips, adhering to scheduled headways or frequency of services, as well as passenger load.

I am sure SMRT must be feeling the pain of the fine right now. Afterall, they only earned profit after tax of $149.9 million last FY.

That $1,000 fine is 0.000667111% of what they earned last year! 

I am sure they will learn their lesson and resume the world class standard that they have been providing us.