Shot in the foot

“Thanks, being a PR is good enough

IN RESPONSE to letters by Mr Jimmy Loke (‘The PR difference’, last Saturday) and Mr Chia Kok Leong (‘No school, no Singapore’, last Saturday), I would only ask them to refer to Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew’s speech reported last Friday (‘MM: Foreign talent is vital’), where he gave an idea of the benefits citizens have over permanent residents (PRs). I am happy to be a PR and although we do not get equal benefits in housing and other respects, that is understandable. We understand the difference between a citizen and a PR. But where our children are concerned, we just want them to have the best education possible and I think we are not asking much. Citizens have the upper hand in buying homes and other respects, which is justified, but where schooling is concerned, ‘every child has the right to get the best education possible’. About living here for six years and not taking citizenship, I think this is a very personal choice. I would just like to end this topic by saying we are not here to compete with citizens but there are certain things on which one cannot compromise and children’s education is one of them. I think we are not asking much and we are grateful to the Government for understanding that for every parent, his child’s welfare comes first. I would like to thank Mr Loke and Mr Chia for inviting us to become citizens but for now, I am proud to be a citizen of my country and have PR status in Singapore. Sweta Agarwal (Mrs)”

Flabbergasted. Shocked. Stunned.

But this is a true reflection of the mentally of PRs in Singapore.