Fail – Courier Service

Yesterday, I received a marketing call from a local courier company promoting their services. Being as nice as I am, I entertained him for  a while. The conversation went:

ME:  Good afternoon, [Company name].

Courier:  Hi, can I speak to the person in charge of courier service? (in very bad english)

ME:  That will be me, my name is Joseph.

Courier:  Oh, I just like to tell you about… [Company product and services]. So Jason right? Can I have your email so that I can send you some information?

ME:  Joseph(!), not Jason.

Courier:  Ha, sorry about that.

ME:  My email is ***********.

Courier:  Thank you so much Mr Jensen (!!!!!), I will be sending the mail to you shortly.

ME:  Slam down the phone.

I just wanted to slam his head on the bloody table. Which part of J-O-S-E-P-H he don’t understand? It is not even a exotic name in the first place. I went on and busy myself with work and forgetten about the whole episode.

Much later the day, I received a email from our good ‘ol courier guy:

From: kevin [mailto:*****************]
Sent: 09 September 2009 17:42
To: Joseph
Subject: Airpak Express
Dear Ms Karen,
As per our teleconversation, please find the attached brochure and service rates for your kind perusal.
For your information, we do provide a wide range of courier services.
Such as :-
International Courier service
Airfreight and Custom Clearance
Free Domiciles
Local Courier Service
International Hand Carry
If there is any enquirieson the above, pls free to contact me at *********
Best Regards,
Kelvin Ng
Airpak Express Pte Ltd

I kid you not. I not only had my name changed, I also had my gender changed.  I went from a Joseph, to a Jason, to a Jensen and finally to Karen.

My transformation is finally complete.

Want to see my reply?










From: Joseph 
Sent: 09 September 2009 17:45
To: ‘kevin’
Subject: RE: Airpak Express
Dear Kevin,
Thanks for your email.
Btw, I believe I told you repeatly my name is Joseph and I’m not a Ms.

Mr Joseph


Sale pitch FAIL.

Ms Karen

 Ms Karen doing a headlock on local courier guy

A little bit of courage

Reading the papers nowaday takes some courage of sort.  

I was having my Saturday morning breakfast at the prata place near my place and the morning headline news nearly caused me to punk out all the food.

It is absurd that how the paper present the fact on the latest transportation hike in the manner which is border on condenscending. 


Sometimes, after you skipped all the  propaganda stuff, the advertisements and  the what not.. you are left with all but two pages worth of worthy news and of course…the comics.