How did you die?

Have you ever wonder if you drop an ant from one storey level, will it falls to its death?

Same goes with Lizards, have you ever seen one that fell to its death?

Well, I did.

This morning, just when I opened the door and about to step out of the door, from the corner of my eyes, I saw something dropped on the floor at the side of the front door. On a closer inspection, I realised a lizard just dropped down from the ceiling and wasn’t moving that much. I reckon it probably just fainted and left the lizard lying there while I went to work. In the evening when I came back, I saw the same lizard lying there. That was when it hits me… the lizard is dead! So the question is .. did it fall to its death?

On a sidenote: The Girl came home later and I told her that she has probably not seen the lizard. She was quite puzzled by my word and asked me why so. So I matter-of-factly told her, if she has seen the lizard lying near the front door, she will probably be screaming her head off at the door already!