I Survived My Second Marathon

42.195km, 6 hr 30 mins. Legs felt like lead. Body felt sick. Head spinning away.

I saw a fellow runner wrote on his bib, “42.195 is only a number”. And I survived.

Bali Babi

It was my second trip back to the “paradise island’ of Bali with my army mates for two days of golf.  I wasn’t really looking forward to the trip as don’t really like Bali (as compared to Phuket) and I find the food there not really to my liking. Of course, not to mention that I last played a proper golf game  was a year ago. I was rusty, so was my clubs.

The beautiful golf courses and good company did a lot to make the trip so much better. We did nothing else but eat and play golf and eat and play golf and massage and drink.. You get the drift.

In particular, we were on a look out for the famous Bali Guling (Suckling Pig). On my first trip, The Girl and I did not had this dish but apparently, every Balinese will know this dish. So we lured our driver with the promise of a free meal of Babi Guling Special to bring us to a place that sells it. Apparently, it is not available in touristy area like Kuta as the Ang-Mos have no idea on how to eat them.

With no expectation or idea how it looks like , we arrived at a stall selling Bali Guling.  Apparently, all  babi guling stand will have the whole pig in the front window, with large pieces of crispy skin and the head on the counter. When ordering, you have a choice of Babi Guling or Babi Guling Special ( We have since learnt in Bali, ‘special’ just means more ingredient). After a morning session of golf, all of us went for the special,of course. When the plate of Babi Guling arrived, there were rice and a couple of slices of meat, some fat, the “skin”, deep fried intestines, some mushy vegetables and a bowl of soup.  Virtually everything that can be eaten.

For a grand price of Rp30,000 (Approx S$5), the meal was satsifying if not a bit sinful. I cannot say I love it, but it is a decent meal on its own. To cap the whole meal with a bottle of Teh Soro was indeed a piece of paradise.