Ah Beng’s Car

I was surfing the car forum over lunch today when I came across a topic “Which is the most ah beng car in your opinion?”

The Girl and I always have a lot of fun on this topic. Especially when we see one on the road, we will be trying to peep at the driver , trying to see if the driver of a “ah beng car” match the profile of a “ah beng”

In any case, my reply on this topic as follows:

IMO, any car with ‘too much’ <-keyword of the the following:

1. Stickers. Loud garnish stickers.
2. Led lights especially flashing ones. eg Light at the bottom of the car, led lights all over the cabin.
3. Decorations in the car.eg Like glowing dice hanging from the rear mirror.
4. Modification done. eg  Like Lancer with huge exhaust and front air intake to impersonate Evo.
5. Spoilers. eg High high spoilers that blocks even the rear view.
6. Colours. eg Bright orange and fluorscent green only works for super car like Lamborgini.
7. Atitude. eg Drivers who driving a ‘chiong’ evo trying to muscule their way around traffic. Usually identifed with over-worked engine noises and above pt 1-6.

Just my opinion, no offense to anyone.

I struggled to find any photos on the net that resembled the image of the cars I have seen plying our street, but this a probably quite close to the idea of a “ah beng car”

Mental note to self: Maybe instead of gawking, I should take a picture next time and post here.

Den Den Den Den

While I was showering, The Girl was doing her thousand-steps facial regime when she quipped,” A lot of people I know are naming their kids, Jayden, Branden, Aiden etc… What is the fascination with ‘den’ ?

I thought about it for a while and replied,” Mmmn, you are right. Maybe when we have our baby, we should name him or her ‘Den1 Den1 Den3 Den2’. It makes such a spectacular name hor?”

Me and my creativity…

Goodbye 2009 and Hello 2010

2009 was a mixed bag, economy was bad and my job situation was stagnant. On the other hand, I married my lovely wife and relationship with my family got better. 

Hopefully, 2010 will be the year where good progress can be made in both career and personal.

Here is a parting shot of the fireworks at Marina Bay on 01.01.2010.

2010 at Marina Bay