Open net ready

House is finally optic fibre ready. Heard from the contractor that we are the first of the unit to install them. Two other units already rejected them.

I was initially worried about the unsightly cable tray on the wall but the contractor did his best to minimise the exposed bits.

The workers came in with really sophistcated machinery and the work was completed within 45mins. Lots of dust but finally it is done! I was pretty satisfied with the whole ordeal even though there is a bit of painting touch up for me to do. No biggies.


Today is my 31st birthday. Yup, grand young age of 31.

Got tons of birthday wishes from my lovely friends and family.

Got a nice birthday present from my wife.

No fancy parties, no crowded places.

Never fancy a birthday celebration with a lot of people around which I attributed to me beening brought up with no birthday celebration of any sort.  Never quite comfortable with all the attention.

A nice quiet birthday, just the way I like it.