What a season!

I woke up yesterday with tons of messages/news/facebook posts. Nope, it is not the end of the world nor Gurmit Singh elected as prime minister. In case you are living in Antartica you probably heard that Fernando Torres (El Nino) has moved from Liverpool to Cheslsea.

No biggies, you will say. But the posting on facebook shows otherwise:

Torres u sucks! Hope u rot in Chelsea!

Yar Torres is history! Welcome Carroll! Torres may we play in Europa together next season! U will walk alone! And also don’t intro ur wife to John Terry

Wait till Carragher break his legs this wkend…

 somebody is going to poke his Torres cushion like a voodoo for the upcoming match between the reds & blues. : X

it has been great with u.. Tonight we part. Not Torres u dumb m***** f******.

It don’t take a genius to figure out how negative the whole fiasco is becoming. For me, the sale makes sense because:

– Excellent return on investment, a return of over 100% from the original cost of $21m.

– His heart is not there anymore, football is about passion, when a player loses his passion, there is no point in keeping him.

– Since he is determine to move, how long can the club keep him? Till end of season. When that time comes, Liverpool will probably fetch a lower price for him since there will be plenty of choice out there.

– He is not God. He has his good times and bad times. Unfortunately, most people tend to forget the bad times and only remember the good times. As many has put it, no player can be bigger than the club.

– We got two excellent strikers in return. Both are young and have huge potential. One is made Ajax captain at a young age and the other is a potential England forward. I don’t see how we are losing out.

I guess a lot of fans felt betrayed, but in this modern world of obscene money and extravagent salary, is there such thing call loyalty anymore? Sometime I think I am too logical to be a football fan.

Torres, thank you for your three years of services. The ones that we shared many great memories, like the time when you score the winner against Manchester United and tormanted Vidic, or the time you single handedly destroyed Cheslea.

I wish you all the best.