Driving around our neighbourhood with a bit of spare time before our next appointment, The Girl and I decided to pop in to one of the many showflats that sprouted out recently just for the fun of it. I mean, free aircon , drinks and entertainment. Did I mentioned entertainment?

The Girl and I was very much entertained indeed.

The Girl was roaming around the showflat doing her own viewing while the agent in attendence was serving me. I casually remarked that the unit is very small at 400sq ft and how does two persons stay in this kind of unit. I honestly wasn’t expecting a reply but the agent seems to be very well prepared to answer this. He smirkly remarked, ” Sir , we are not selling the space; we are selling a lifestyle here.” The person who taught him to sell the unit this way should be shot.

I looked at him…. have to  processed his reply for a while… and with my straightest face… nodded back politely. And at the corner of my eyes, I saw The Girl quickly darted into the other room.

The Girl later told me that she had overhead the same remark and had to run into the other room to prevent herself from bursting out laughing.

We are a very polite family you know.

Red Cross Japan Disaster Donation

After so many episode of charity corruption in Singapore, most of us are pretty darn skeptical about donating to charitable organisation since we don’t really know how much of the money really goes into  helping others and how is the money put into good uses.

The Girl and I count Japan as one of our favourite travel destination. Good weather, good food and most importantly, great people in Japan. We are constantly amazed by how courteous and helpful the Japanese are. You can be sure that we are very upset when the triple disasters hit Japan and while we are keeping a close watch on the situation unfolding in Japan, our hearts are crying out to help them. Regardless that there are those who believe Japan is a rich country and well prepared for situation like these, the amount of destruction is horrifying, any additional help will always be welcome.

I like to appeal to everyone to help financially where possible.

Everyone  just need to take 1 minute of your time to do this: Donate to Red Cross Japan for POSB/DBS Bank account holders via iBanking.

1. Log on to your DBS/POSB iBanking account.

2. Click on Bill Payment.

3. Choose under Payee “Red Cross Japan Disaster”.

 4. Choose which account to make payment from, amount to donate and leave your telephoone number as Consumer Reference.

5. Submit.

I have done my part, have you?

Grandma’s Restaurant

Our latest hang-out place is the new mall near our place. It is a place I will pass by everyday to and fro work hence it is a small wonder that we like to have dinner there, buy some groceries and jalan jalan sedikit before going home.

We walked pass this resturant several times and always made a mental note to try out the food at Grandma’s Restaurant. We read that the place boast the chef who former worked in Mdm Kwan in KL ( a famous resturant) so The Girl was pretty excited when her colleague recommended her to try the food there. I have tried the food at Mdm Kwan several times so I set my expectation pretty high when we visited the resturant yesterday.

We both had the famous Nasi Lemak and a side serving of the fries + chendol and chin chow for dessert (Promotion: dessert cost $0.60 if you order a main meal). Without turning this post into a food review, I will say that the original Mdm Kwan in KL is still better. This seems to be a poorer quality cousin.

The Chendol is good though, gula melaka is fragant and served seperately so that you can control according to your sweetness tolerence. Serving is just nice too, enough for a person without feeling too guility eating it!

Go and try for the decent but not fantastic meal and a good chendol to end the meal with!