EeeeYahhhh Ooooh Ahhhh Infantry AH!

Nothing irritates me more than people that think going for reservist is a walk in the park by making remarks like ‘going for holiday’, ‘relax only’ or ‘wasting tax payers money’.

Here I am, at 0215hrs at Lim Chu Kang (Murai) training area struggling to keep awake. Having endure a whole afternoon of merciless sun blazing down our heads; at my last count, 5 seperate rain from evening till now threatened to drench even our underwear. Having you ever tried sleeping in a drenched army uniform , feeling wet and miserable? I can tell you it is one of the worse feeling in the world.

My soldier doing his guard duty is snoring gently next to me. I don’t blame him for falling asleep, it has been a hard day and we are all old already not young, our body is not used to the rigour of a young soldier anymore. We have given 2.5 of our best years to serve the country and 10 years reservist following on.

My sort of reservist is anything but easy, stories of nights off, staying in bunk doing nothing are only myth to us Even at this 9th in- camp, it is never easy to spend nights sleeping in the jungle subjected to the worse of the weather can throw at us. The Girl liked to ask me what do I exactly do in the army and I found it very hard to answer her. I could be siting in a helicopter at a moment to be transported behind enemy line, walking 20km overnight with 20kg fullpack, digging shellscrape doing defence routine or evacuating casulties from the field. Or I can be fighting fatigue and exhaustion trying to motivate my men to walk an additional km, shouting at my men to get things done, or organising a ration party to collect ration. Or getting ready for live firing. or … or … or…

It is now 423am in the wee morning and I think I better catch a wink before the sun rises.

Here’s a photo of us miserably, wet and humid, sitting in the 5-ton vehicle waiting for the CAT 1 to blow over.