PSLE for parents

Stumbled upon this poster that I initially mistook it for a typical preparation workshop for PSLE (primary 6) candidates, not so surprising knowing how competitive education system is in Singapore.

I took a double take and realised it is actually a workshop for PARENTS. On top of that, there is a caption exclaiming ” BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND, SEATS ARE LIMITED!” which generally means it is so darn popular that they are holding it again! I can foresee that I will see this in the future:

PSLE Preparation Workshop for Maids.

  • Understanding boy-boy’s meal and nutritent requirement.
  • Time management to ensure balance in doing housework and supervising boy-boy’s studies.
  • Better techniques to massage boy-boy’s head to ensure full blood circulation
  • Overcoming the distraction on Sunday offday so to be able to focus on the PSLE preparation.

Jeeez. When can we get some sanity back?