Cranberries. Singapore.

Thanks to my sister in law’s excellent connection, The Girl and I got to go to The Cranberries concert 2011 in Singapore 2011 for free! I have to admit that I am usually not a concert-goer as I can never reconcile the price of the ticket to the value of the concert.

I have always love The Cranberries and I do distintively remembere that their album “No need to argue” is probably the only CD I bought twice. The first time and subsequently when I lost it, I bought the CD the 2nd time. So you can imagine my joy when we are offered the free tickets to their concert.

Even though the concert was held on a Monday night, The Cranberries did not disappoint. It was pure music  heaven the moment the concert started.  All my favourite Cranberries’ songs were performed and there were some preview of their new songs during the concert. The concert peaked when “Zombie” was sung. everyone was standing up and singing to the song. Crowds were generally more mature, office worker type as compared to other concerts. Also spotted an old lady in the front row standing and dancing to the music. Coool!

 Predictably, “Dreams” was the closing song for the concert.

Needlessly to say, there was a sense of satisfaction when the concert ended. I can’t wait for the next round of free tickets. 

What a nostalgic night!