The Gravity Defying Market

We sold our place recently… it is our first home and even though we are quite sentimental about it, we are well aware that the current place will be too small for us in the future. So with a bit of regret, some courage and lots of hope for the future, we made the decision to sell the first home that we built together. And immediately, we are busy with the new house hunting. I must say it is not a easy task. We already have prior experience in home ownership hence we know exactly what we like and what we don’t.

For example, some common stuff that we like big kitchen, big toilet and big master bedroom ( for a king size bed). Stuff that we don’t like, open concept kitchen, no yard, facing swimming pool etc.

After visiting lot of showflats and some resale units, I have also grown attune to some of the phases used in the marketing/advertising (*roll eye*). For example:

Suite – I totally hate this word. ‘Suite’ to me connote small. Suite used in residential marketing is totally different from the ‘suite’ used in hotel marketing.

Lifestyle – Huh? what lifestyle? Lifestyle mean you cannot afford a bigger place and just afford a 400 sq ft house that you have to console yourself you are living the LIFE. Note. Lifestyle living, modern lifestyle means the same to me. It is what it is , a lifestyle, not a home.

Selling fast – I don’t think buying a house is equivalent to buying some clothes on sale. I cannot make decision on million dollar property on the spot. Hell, I spent more time considering to buy a pair of shoes, let alone a house.

We are taking our househunting slow as we are staying with my in laws for the time being. Hopefully, we can take advantage of the cooling measures to find a home that both of us will like!