Free train ride scheme before 7.45am

I had the unfortunate fortunate chance that I have to get to work by 8 am, so I decided to be a wee bit earlier to enjoy the heavily promoted free ride on MRT before 7.45 am  and save myself $1.45 on my usual travel cost. So I drag myself out of the bed at 6.30am and headed out into the early morning mist to experience the life of a early bird. To be fair, the journey was pleasant, no queue, plenty of seats, no noisy headphone music, less watching-drama-while-walking people and in general less irritating people. I had expected slightly more crowd.

When the scheme was first mooted and implemented, I thought it will be great since everyone will rush for the free ride and it will be less crowded during my normal travelling time from 8 -9 am.  Well… apparently, everyone also has the same thinking.


SMRT Free rides before 7.45am scheme = FAIL

My suggestion – throw in a free coffee . breakfast and a copy of newspaper for everyone who exit before 7.45am.I think that will make me give up my precious sleep.

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