Take a deep breath..om..ommmm

After so many years working, I would have thought I seen it all. Apparently not, just a rant to let my angst out of my system :

1. He don’t listen
2. He don’t ask
3. He don’t discuss
4. He thinks he is smart and analytical (but he is not)
5. He don’t know how to interpret email/instruction from boss.
6. Cannot give him vague instruction, must be really specific instruction so that he is able to follow to a T
7. When corrected, refused to admit he don’t know.
8. When corrected, give you the fxxx up glaze look.
9. Like to ask silly and out of point questions.
10. Financially and market analysis unsound for a senior level position
11. Lack of EQ and IQ
12. Like to walk dragging his feet and loudly
13. Irritating and loud voice that irritates everyone
14. Likes to call random people and pretend they are good friend with him , in the same irritating voice
15. But they are not good friends
16. Like to get people into trouble, whether intentional or not
17. Like to drop names and suck up to the bosses
18. Tries to position himself as a religious man and healthy diet but just a hypocrite. Said he don’t eat pork, but caught him eating a ham and cheese sandwich
19. And he is the reason I missed my dental appointment.