There are nice people around!

I was walking Moon the other day and letting Moon run the park, I usually do that later in the evening so that she (Moon) don’t disturb other park users. While I was there, a lady approaches me and the first thing that came into my mind was ” she is going to scold me for letting Moon run around without lease”.

So it turns out that she is my neighbour who stays next door.

We had a nice conversation and it turns out she was at the park to feed the two neighbourhood stray cats that she “adopted”. She will go to the park every evening and feed the cats with boiled fish. She will hang around to wait for them to finish their dinner and to make sure no other strays come along to “bully them”. 

Hi there! I am your neighbour.
Hi there! I am your neighbour.

I also got to know that she also arranged for them to be sterilised out of her own pocket. How nice is that!

People like my neighbour is exactly what we need more of. Need to constantly remind myself there are really nice and kind hearted people in the world!

Eternal deep deep forever love

Marriage is the union of two different people with different habits and personality. Which means that whatever eternal deep deep forever love every couple has for each other, there will be annoying traits that each couple faces with each other. 

The Girl and I have our fair share of lovely situations (mostly me annoying her LOL):

Lifting the Toilet Seat Up or not touching them

“I sat on a wet patch again!”
“Oh, I was very sleepy and forgot to lift up the toilet seat. Anyway I made sure I aimed properly”
“Well, you didn’t and my butt is wet”

“It is ok, just stand around and it will dry up really quick.”

The Toothpaste Tube: Middle or End?

“Can you just push the toothpaste tube from the end instead of the middle, please?”
“What is the difference, eventually all of them will get to the front, no?”

The Toothpaste: Washing them off sink

“Can you wash the remaining bits of the toothpaste down the sink please?”
“What is the difference, when it is your turn to use the sink, the water will wash them down right?”

Toilet Paper: Whose responsibility to refill?

“Where is the TOILET PAPER”
“Oh, I use up the last bit”
“Why didn’t you go and take a new roll?”

“Too far to walk over to take”

Leaving Stuff Everywhere

“You left, like, a month of your shopping, your clothes and all your bags on the bedroom ledge.”
” But I might be using the bags and it is troublesome to keep putting them back and taking them out.”

Shaving Bits

“Your shaving bit is all over the sink. Gross”
“Did you see the amount of hair in the shower?”


“Do you need another bag/dress/shoes?”
” This is different design and I don’t have it. I will be able to wear/use it on [fill in the blanks].”

What to Eat

“What do you want to eat tonight?”
“Anything. You decide lor”

“OK, Chinese food”

“I can make some Thai food..?”
“Don’t feel like having Thai food.”
“Ok, then what do you want?”
“Anything. You decide lor”

Back to where it all began

That is right. The Girl and I decide to leave baby E and everything else behind and go for a short trip to Phuket.

Why Phuket? 

Few reasons for that but primarily we always love Phuket and it is a mere two hours flight from Singapore. It  is dirt cheap helps that things are relatively cheaper here too. Most important reason (for me at least) for Phuket is that this is the place where we get to know each other deeper and where I fell in love with her.

Naturally, throughout these 10 years we have known each other, we have come back for visit several times more. This trip, however, seems rather more meaningful and precious to me.

We both needed the break, me, away from work and she, away from baby. Looking back at the journey we have gone through these past 10 years. Started as colleague, then we became ex- colleague, dated for 3 years, planning to get married, buying our first house, setting up our first house together, got married, adopted Moon, trying to expand our family, sold our first home, bought our 2nd home, getting the big news that The Girl is pregnant, holding baby E in my arms for the first time, cumulative to now, coping with our expanding family.

Coming back to Phuket just seems so appropriate. We didn’t really do much, we just ate a lot and frequently.


image (3)

Lazed around


Eat a lot


Lazed around

image (2)

Eat a lot

image (1)

Throw in a spot of massages and pedicure. 

image (4)

You get the idea.


While we sit back and enjoy the gentle sea breeze while thinking of our journey so far and at the same time eagerly anticipating the adventure awaiting us ahead.

I know that whatever may come, as long as our bond and love remains strong, we can conquer everything and anything that lies ahead.