There are nice people around!

I was walking Moon the other day and letting Moon run the park, I usually do that later in the evening so that she (Moon) don’t disturb other park users. While I was there, a lady approaches me and the first thing that came into my mind was ” she is going to scold me for letting Moon run around without lease”.

So it turns out that she is my neighbour who stays next door.

We had a nice conversation and it turns out she was at the park to feed the two neighbourhood stray cats that she “adopted”. She will go to the park every evening and feed the cats with boiled fish. She will hang around to wait for them to finish their dinner and to make sure no other strays come along to “bully them”. 

Hi there! I am your neighbour.
Hi there! I am your neighbour.

I also got to know that she also arranged for them to be sterilised out of her own pocket. How nice is that!

People like my neighbour is exactly what we need more of. Need to constantly remind myself there are really nice and kind hearted people in the world!

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