Overheard from a colleague

Conversation #1

Wrong expression: Wah, talking about it brings shingles down my spine.

Correct expression: Wah, talking about it brings shiver down my spine.


Conversation #2

Wrong expression: I pat your backside and you pat my backside.

Correct expression: I cover your back and you cover my back.


Guilty as charged

Dear Wife,

I have not been a good husband – I failed to book a nice restaurant to celebrate your the actual day of your birthday and I have not bought your birthday present even though your birthday is already over.

No excuses for me. I have been so overwhelmed with life that I have failed to plan way ahead knowing that your birthday always falls on F1 period. And you know what, Monday is the worse time to check out restaurants as they are likely to close on Mondays.

Still no excuses for me.

You are a very important person in my life and I strive to do better. As for now, happy birthday to you my dear wife!

My beautiful wife at Wild Rocket
My beautiful wife at Wild Rocket

Indulge me

“Any fool can have a child. That doesn’t make you a father. It’s the courage to raise a child that makes you a father.”
-President Barack Obama

Saw this quote somewhere and pondered very hard about it.

During those first few weeks and months after E was born, our previously carefree lives took a drastic change. It became an obsession on his physical need – diapers change, jaundice level, nippy rashes, feeding, cleaning, sleeping length became the daily conversation topic.

After my pathetic 5 days paternity leave (The Girl got 4 months paid maternity leave + 2 months no pay leave – boo!), I found myself back at the my office work desk slogging away. Initially, I enjoyed the quiet of being alone in my desk, away from all the chaos of tending to the baby at home and able to plan my own time without catering to the whims of E.

However, I soon started wishing I was home with The Girl to watch E grow up. I didn’t want to miss anything, including the burping, the crying, the attempts to sit up, the moments when he decides to give the sweetest smile, and even the red face just before the big outburst. I wanted to be there to witness it all, but I was stuck at work.  Highlight for me at work was whenever The Girl sent me photos of herself and E doing their various activities together.

I realized how challenging it is to be dealing with the push and pull conflict of being the financial provider and a present and responsible father. It doesn’t help that The Girl is doing a fantastic job of taking care of E (which I am very thankful for). It just makes me want to spend more time with them instead of slogging away at my desk.

So everyday, after settling my commitment as the financial provider, I look forward to going home to my family to not just show up, but to be there physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally and be the best father/husband I can be for them.

Indulge me.



Note to Elliott 6a

Dear Elliott,

Your father ( that will be me) cannot write as well or speak as much as your mother can, therefore this post will be really short.

I am glad you are growing up strong and healthy and the amount of joy and happiness you bring to the family. When I say family, it is not just to me and your mother, but to your both set of grandparents and even your great grandmother. You are constantly in the centre of attention (which you particularly enjoys), you bought a lot of funny baby noises coming out from your grandparents and them trying their darn-est to pronounce your English name properly.

I can see your mother is putting in a lot of effort to mould you into a proper little boy with good manners. If ever there is one value I would like you to have, that will be respecting the elders and always, always be filial to your elders. Today, we made a special trip to visit your great grandmother, your only surviving one because I feel that it is important for you to meet her, especially whenever you have the chance to. This is only the second time you have met her today. I want you to meet her  because she is a great woman who gave birth and brought up 14 children (of course, the eldest is your grandpa). She is also the doting grandma who always offer me food and drink whenever I go over and will always give me that little extra pocket money to spend because that is the only way she knows how to show love.

More importantly, you must always know your roots. As the Chinese saying goes: 饮水思源, which means that when you are drinking the water flowing down from the stream, always think of the source. In another words, don’t forget where the water comes from and be grateful.

When you are a little bigger, I know you will be able to bring her and your grandparents more joy and laughter.

Elliott and his great grandma
Elliott and his great grandma

Love always,

Your father

Now you don’t see it

It is time of mid-autumn festival here and it is quite obviously when you see all the hotels/restaurants chain setting up booths in the malls selling every kind of mooncake conceivable.

From normal lotus paste, to traditional honey baked ham with nuts, to modern version of green tea paste, walnut paste to the local favourite like the durian mooncake.

And of course, they are great for gifts and in the corporate world, we receive a fair bit of the mooncakes in the office. Usually the mooncakes will be shared with everyone in the office.

So happen that we received a box of mooncake last week that is particularly popular. *Popular in my office context means snowskin. I was not around the office when that particular box of snowskin mooncake was shared among my colleagues. My colleagues actually took the trouble to keep aside my share of the mooncake in the fridge for me.

Fast forward to today, I happened to be at the pantry and my colleagues reminded me of my mooncake that is in the fridge – kept aside for me. So I thought I should just  finish it as it is just a small mooncake taking lots of space (in the box) in the common fridge.

The mooncake was in the original carrier and the original box in the original position when I took it out. This is what greeted me when I open the box:








Now do you see it?
Now do you see it?

My colleagues was flabbergasted that the “thief” took the mooncake and actually bother to put the packaging and carrier back the same position.


For me, I just find it funny the trouble that the thief took for a small piece of mooncake. Apparently, it is a perennial problem here in the office during this period.