You don’t say

I always been a gadget person; invested in Adidas micoach and Nike fuel band in their various version. That was back in days without Elliott, I can just grab my shoes and go for a run without a destination in mind and as far as my legs can take me.

In days after Elliott arrived, him and the family’s needs took priority over personal needs. My running lessen considerably and personal time becomes a privilege. Whenever there is some glimpse of personal time, I would rather sleep grab the chance to rest than to go for a run. My life is a revolving priority circle of Elliott, family, work and Moon our family dog.  To be honest, it has become a tad overwhelming even though I relish the time spent with my family- I relies I lost a lot of my personal space. I have no hobbies and no interests, everything is for family and Elliott.

Fast forward to now, I always wanted to resume my running routine now that the whole family is kinda settled down. Not only it will provide me some breathing space, the exercise helps me clear my mind and not to mention to lose some of the excess weight gained.

So my new year resolution for 2015 was to treat myself better; do more running now that there is such a nice running path right next to where we stay. What better way to reinforce that with the 7th prize I won during today’s company year end luncheon.

Make a guess , what did I win?

Soleus Fit GPS
Soleus Fit GPS

A GPS running watch , something I always wanted to get but just to ngeow (stingy) to get for myself.

So watch out 2015, I’m going to blaze a trail with my Soleus GPS watch on my wrist!!!!

Happy new year everybody! May the new year brings everyone good luck and good health!