Having you seen the Tok Tok man?

We were having dinner at the popular Old Airport Road food centre the other day and Elliott was being his usual inquisitive self  – cannot sit still for more than 5 mins. So I carried him around the food centre , trying to distract him with the sounds and sights of a busy food centre.

A elderly man approached us and started hitting a wooden stick on a bamboo cup (producing a tok tok tok* noise and hence the name) – this immediately caught Elliott’s attention and kept him distracted for a while. Apparently he is not just good at the toktok sound,  he also has other tricks up his sleeves like balancing his umbrella on his finger tip.

At the end of the session, he handed me a hand written slip with his youtube video – such personalised touch! In return, I promised that I will ‘support’ him by watching his youtube video. He hangs around old airport area as he stays just opposite the food centre.

Singapore Toktok man
Singapore Tok tok man

You can read more about him here. Such a friendly and interesting character that you can hardly find in today’s Singapore.

* noise made from wooden stick knocking on a curve piece of bamboo.In the past, noodle street vendor going from door to door use the sound to attract customers.


So The Girl went over Hong Kong for a work seminar earlier this month. Our arrangement is such that  I stayed behind to look after Elliott and joined her after her seminar finished. In a way, I was glad for this arrangement as I had wanted to see if I can take care of Elliott alone (Kinda, with help from MIL and helper) and take the opportunity to spend quality time with him.

The first night was diffcult as he cries for his mother, I spent good two hours trying to get him to sleep. Things got a little bit better on the second night. The long and short of it is that we survived the time together! Not without a lot of screaming, kicking, biting and crying from Elliott and lot of screaming , kicking, biting and crying from me.