The smile we have been waiting for

Elliott fell sick last weekend with a cough that developed into some serious hacking – we were not that surprised given his frequent visits to his favorite playground and his general friendly character – makes him a instant hit with the strangers (especially pretty young girls) we came across.

Of course, as a first time parents, we sent him to KK hospital on Sunday just to make sure his cough does not developed into something more serious. He was diagnosed with mild croup and given medication administered by the nurse – we then have to report back to monitor for any adverse reaction for the subsequently two one-hour intervals (which The Girl puts into good use in Mothercare shop there). So that was half a Sunday spent at the hospital.

So with him down – our weekend was restricted to short jaunt to the neighborhood hawker centre for meals and the half a day at KK hospital. He was miserable, cranky and barely give us a smile whole weekend (which is very uncharacteristic). He didn’t even seem to like his bath time anyone. Boo!

And the cough and his crankiness went on for the next two days that follows.

You can imagine our relief yesterday afternoon after he woke up from his 2 hours plus nap and gave us the biggest smile – that is probably the biggest assurance any parents can get.

I realized this incident is a timely reminder to me that all the money in the world cannot beat seeing the smile of your child.

The smile we have been waiting for
The smile we have been waiting for

If you have nothing to share…

The Girl and I always believe in the policy of “if you have nothing better to say, don’t say.” This policy has served us well over the years in tricky situations like these, for example,

Other: “My baby is quite adorable”

Us: ” We love his onsie.”

Other: “Do you think this dress looks good on me?”

Us: “The colour suits you.”

Other: “I have been working out, do you think I look slimer now.

Us: “Oh, where do you usually work out?

So we rather skirt the question all together than to put a false answer or even worse, tell the truth which is potentially a bomb waiting to explore in our face.

So on a somewhat related incident, on the same day our founding father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew passed on and whole Singapore was grieving. I found this post on my facebook.

This guy driving a Ferrari or Lamborghini (I don’t know and I don’t really care) posted this and landed on my Facebook timeline. It is probably my state of  emotion at that point in time and I found it extremely insensitive to be posting things like these in the time like this.

Really, who the fxxx cares about pebbles on your  expensive car?  If you can afford to buy one, you shouldn’t be concern about the cost of maintenance right? So what are you trying to prove? Show off that you drive a expensive car? Why do you need to show off? At a time when the country is grieving?

Posts like these always got me question the existence of humanity or “humblity” or both.

Ok- rant over.

Update – another #humblebrag for my record.

IMG_1185 (1)

You are so beautiful

I sweat a lot – that is why whenever I visit temperate countries, I particularly enjoy the weather – how nice to be walking around without breaking into a sweat and sweat drenched clothing. Due to my overactive sweat gland, I think I am more suited/adapted to live in temperate country.

That said, I truly appreciate what Singapore has given me. But it hit me more on one of the night when I was out running, this view just got me thinking.

Taken from Bay East Garden during one of my run
Singapore night scenary – Taken from Bay East Garden during one of my run

Take away all the minor inconveniences, the stress level, the kiasu people, the irritating and inconsiderate people, the heat and the humidity (mostly) – Singapore is a rather beautiful place to live.


Note to Elliott – You are One!

Dear Elliott,

Every day and every moment spent with you is a celebration for us. You have reached this special milestone of your first birthday today.

I remember one year earlier, I was nervous and anxious as you just refused to come out despite your mother’s best attempt. Your mother was exhausted from all the pushing and  medication they pumped into her body and you were no closer to coming out than 6 hours early. And the worse thing was, I could do nothing but try not to get in the way of the nurses and doctors. My anxieties reached their peak when your mother was pushed into the operating ward for emergency cesarean. Thousands of worst case scenarios came into my head as I joined your mother in the operating room.

You can imagine my relief when I saw you being delivered and you let out this whimpering cry – it was music to my ears. But little did I know that same voice grew in strength and volume as you grow – woes to our ears.

Previously unreleased photo of you (Among the millions of photos we took).
Previously unreleased photo of you (Among the millions of photos we took).

I remembered you and I left your mother in the operating room to be “sewn up” shortly; we had to go to nursery for your weight and height to be taken and for you to take a bath. After-which I left you with the nurses to fuss over you while I settled the admission and the room. I remembered sitting alone the ward, trying to make sense of everything that has happened – one thing I knew was – nothing is going be the same anymore.

Truth to be told. Nothing has been the same since then – both our life’s are so much more exciting and enriching with you in our life. For me, the transition from a to-be father to a father was pretty surreal and sometimes I still cannot believe we are blessed with a healthy baby.

The past one year has been one of many surprises, plenty of laughter, some tears, and many many first for us.

We chose to have a low key celebration on your full month as we wanted it to be a private moment just to be shared with you and both set of your grandparents. So I wasn’t surprised when your mother declared that she wants to throw a grand party for your first birthday celebration. While I am generally not keen on parties, I did not object to having your birthday party as it is really for all of our family members  and friends who will be part of your life for many years to come. I understand the celebration is equally as important for us as we “graduated” as newbie parents.

We know that you are not going to remember your first birthday party and how much effort your mother (and Aunty Jeneen and Aunty Eunice) has put into organising it, but we hope that come a point in your life when it will be important for you to know how much we love you and how well love you are.

Oh boy, how well loved you are. Most of the invited guests came, your room is overflow with presents (and pocket full of angpows) from your doting grandparents, aunties and uncles, friends etc.

Your birthday party
Your birthday party held at the  function room
How fast times just flew by when we are still dreaming of the breast feeding and the night feeds… and you.. a docile baby who have yet to learn how to turn or sit up. Now here you are, at the grand age of one year old, crawling around the house at top speed, climbing over anything that can be climbed, speeding around with your walker and swiping your milk bottle away when you have had enough.
You at one
You at one with all the “Bor” you can grab.
There are people who says you are a copy image of me when I was your age – I am proud but at the same time, I politely disagree with them. You are definitely way more adorable and smarter than I could ever have been in age of one year old.
Your daddy is not good in articulating or writing down his feeling but please do know that he loves you very very very very very much and looks forward to be there with you on your growing up journey.
Happy birthday my dear son.