We recently invested in a Dyson, our first Dyson ever. The main push factor was really the amount of furball and dust around the house. We decided on Dyson DC74 or also known as ‘Fluffy’ –  order it for a good rate and just collected it last weekend.

My inital thoughts from my first few usage:

1. Not cheap

2. Excellent product design

3. Quite heavy under full attachment

4. Handheld without wires rocks!

5. Battery life is short (20mins) but good enough for a small house.

6. Multiple attachment makes it a versatile tools for house, car, bedding etc.

7. Easy to use, quite intuitive – don’t need to read through the Manuel.


Who is fluffy -er?
Who is fluffy -er?

WWE it is not

No, this is not zouk
No, this is not zouk. It is not a tea dance event either.

Whole family cycled down to OCBC arena for a spot of SEA games 2015 yesterday. We figured we stayed too close to where a lot of the games are taking place to be missing out on them. The basketball match between Singapore and Vietnam started at 8 pm, so we rushed home and packed dinner before cycle to Sport Hub for the game.

We arrived just as the women’s game finished and in time to catch the opening introduction of the men’s game. The introduction was really an eye opener with thumping music, lighting, laser and even fire. I felt like I was watching a WWE match. LOL

Anyway, the match was ok, not terribly inspiring – I had better time watching the netball match a few days before. But like everyone say , “… once every 22 years, better watch when you have the chance.”

#seagamesmoment #seagames2015

It is all in the name

Just read that the club/bar located on the 57th floor of the Marina Bay Sands Ku De Ta, will have its name changed to Ce La Vi after some legal tussle with the trademark owner in Bali (the REAL Ku De Ta)

The new name is apparently abbreviated from the French phrase, “c’est la vie”, or “this is life”, Ce La Vi aims to become “the international titan of lifestyle and sophisticated hedonism”.

I can just imagine how the new name is going to be slaughtered by some locals and Chinese. *giggle*