WWE it is not

No, this is not zouk
No, this is not zouk. It is not a tea dance event either.

Whole family cycled down to OCBC arena for a spot of SEA games 2015 yesterday. We figured we stayed too close to where a lot of the games are taking place to be missing out on them. The basketball match between Singapore and Vietnam started at 8 pm, so we rushed home and packed dinner before cycle to Sport Hub for the game.

We arrived just as the women’s game finished and in time to catch the opening introduction of the men’s game. The introduction was really an eye opener with thumping music, lighting, laser and even fire. I felt like I was watching a WWE match. LOL

Anyway, the match was ok, not terribly inspiring – I had better time watching the netball match a few days before. But like everyone say , “… once every 22 years, better watch when you have the chance.”

#seagamesmoment #seagames2015

One thought on “WWE it is not

  1. Wah really ah? I thought you would have enjoyed the bball game better than the netball one. That netball game was so lopsided, i.e. The Singapore team easily out-ran, out-shot and out-defended Myanmar. Hehe.

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