Laze, Craze, Haze

No Haagan Dazs joke here please.

Okayyyyyy, it is time for the mandatory rant on the haze and how much disruption it has on the normal day-to-day activities we take for granted.

The past few weekends have seen us ducking into various air-conditioned shopping malls, avoiding any outdoor area or blasting the aircon around the house with all the windows closed. With a 19 months old toddler around, it is almost impossible not to go out of the house and probably easier to drain their energy by going out. While we humans are able to seek shelter in the air-conditioned mall, Moon, unfortunately has to stay at home.


Her only respite from the low activity level was the twice-a-day walk – which of course was less than ideal, it was usually short and quick to avoid the prolong exposure to haze.

I really hope that the haze will go away before all the lazing around the house will make us all crazy.

The two ladies in the family – with the haze in the background

The long awaiting break

No trip to Sydney is ever complete without a mandatory photo of the Sydney Opera House.IMG_4350

Similarly, no family holiday is completed without the mandatory funny-face family we-fie while taking the ferry to Taronga Zoo.


To visit Sydney with Elliott gave me a total new perspective of a destination.

So, thank you Sydney, for the lovely weather, the fresh air and the kind people there. I am pretty sure we will be back.