Quotes of the Day – Property Advice

From BT interview:

Quotes late property tycoon Ng Teng Fong, who told him: “If you want to be in property, don’t look further, just stay in Hong Kong and Singapore”.

Land supply is limited and assuming a stable government, population growth in both places will help the property market

The other thing he remembered is how Mr Ng regarded the “buy low, sell high” advice in the property market.

“He said, ‘an idiot also knows that, lah. Let me ask you, when you want to buy low, who’s going to sell it to you low? When you want to sell high, who’s going to buy it from you? . . . I tell you, buy high, sell higher! When the market is shooting up, there’s no such thing as high’.”


So the month of celebration has started

So yesterday was my birthday.

Rather than over the top celebration, my preference is always going for the small intimate dinner with my family.

This year’s birthday was not any different, I was on leave (only because I have too much leave to clear for the year) and I decided that I would spend my birthday time off with my precious child. He is, afterall, the product of many many birthday wishes.

We didn’t do anything extraordinary, it was just waking up and some playtime before going downstairs for a swim for around an hour plus. That was followed by a nice shower with his favorite porridge while we watched his favorite TV program – baby tv.

Following that pleasant morning was the perennial struggle to get him to take his afternoon nap… which he eventually succumbed to after countless bottles of milk.

When he woke up from his nap, it was a short trip to nearby playground for him to stretch his legs while waiting for The Girl to come home. And it was followed by a short walk to the nearby restaurant that we have been meaning to check out.

It turned out to be a rather pleasant place that is not crowded, food turns out to be rather good and a nice big playroom for Elliott to be occupied so that we can have a bit of decent adult conversation.

So after the sumptuous dinner, we took a slow walk back home. The day was capped with a nice private birthday cake cutting at home.

It wasn’t anything big nor fancy but it allows me to spend quality time with Elliott and later, with the family – and that is good enough for me.

I am sure 50 years later, what I will remember will not be how expensive my present was, or how extravagance the dinner was. It will be the time spent, or rather that I can have the luxury of spending together with my family.