“Malaysia’s attorney-general said on Tuesday that US$681 million transferred into Prime Minister Najib Razak’s personal bank account was a gift from the royal family in Saudi Arabia and there were no criminal offences or corruption involved.”

Business Times Jan 2016

Really… I wonder if the royal family in Saudi Arabia can give me a gift as well? I don’t need US$681 million, probably just US$1 million will do.

Oh, and if they do that, I will just keep it in my account and if ever I get “caught”, I can just return the money. No criminal offences or corruption involved.

Oh Malaysia, how ridiculous can this get?



The Monday Syndrome

With a view like this, you will wonder why not more people cycle.
Why is the bus/ train/ road so packed every Monday?!?

This is one situation that I don’t get. Everyone goes to work/school Monday – Friday, but of all the weekdays, Monday is the worst. Monday is the day that I can’t get on the bus/train. Monday is the day that the road’s traffic is so heavy. Monday is the day that everyone looks grouchy (ok, this I know why).

That is why I love to be able to cycle to work on Monday. It is tough to get those muscles going after a weekend, but think about it:

Everyday,  I arrived at work suitably refreshed from the workout and clear-minded after the journey cycling to office. I can leisurely breath in the fresh air and take in the scenery.  And I don’t need to stress on the bus arrival and whether I can get onto it.

I have observed more and more cyclist on the same route to CBD and glad to see the trend toward cycling is picking up traction.








Understanding The Boy who does nothing

Not many people knows me very well.

At work, they think I am that Mr Nice Guy, friendly, witty and “fun’ person to be around in social situation. My colleagues probably thinks I am a social butterfly – very outspoken to the extend of being bash but yet with enough EQ to know when to stop.

And I don’t have many close friends.

It is very tiring to have so many friends and make so much effort to maintain those friendship. Rather than a lot of ‘superficial’-level friends, I rather have a few close friends that I can focus my precious little social energy on.

The fact which only The Girl knows and understands is that I hate going to social events.

I hate small talk and never know who I should talk to or what I want to share with a stranger. I don’t like going up to strangers and starting random conversations. I don’t actually want to attend any social events if I have a choice, but in times where I don’t, and/or within my close circle of friends, I would be the life of the party. As in, I am seen as the life of the party, therefore I have to “step up” to meet that expectation. Some people thrives on events like these, but for me, it drains my energy – I probably need weeks of recovery after I attend one of those party event.

I like being home and read a good book/watch a good show for two hours straight before taking a nap. I like to take a walk with my family  at the nearby park. I like to sit in the balcony and stare into the scenery. I like to watch Moon run about the big field while I stand there and enjoy the gentle breeze.

After 36 years of existence, it is not too late to finally understand myself a bit better eh.

Cycling route

I try to keep up with my fitness regime  and keep down my weight by cycling to work every alternate days. My usual route to and from work will take me past the Geylang river, Sports hub, Bay East garden, Marina Barrage, Gardens by the Bay, Marina Bay Sand and Marina Bay promontory.

Impressive route eh? It is my 30mins/9km journey to work.

So I suppose I should be numb to all the beautiful architectural and scenary along this route. I thought so too, but every time I cycle down the same route, I will still slow down at some parts to admire Singapore’s beauty – it is always the same but still somewhat different.


Different hue of colours everytime I cycle by.

It is moment like this that I am grateful that I’m staying in Singapore – until the humidity and the heat hit me.