The Monday Syndrome

With a view like this, you will wonder why not more people cycle.
Why is the bus/ train/ road so packed every Monday?!?

This is one situation that I don’t get. Everyone goes to work/school Monday – Friday, but of all the weekdays, Monday is the worst. Monday is the day that I can’t get on the bus/train. Monday is the day that the road’s traffic is so heavy. Monday is the day that everyone looks grouchy (ok, this I know why).

That is why I love to be able to cycle to work on Monday. It is tough to get those muscles going after a weekend, but think about it:

Everyday,  I arrived at work suitably refreshed from the workout and clear-minded after the journey cycling to office. I can leisurely breath in the fresh air and take in the scenery.  And I don’t need to stress on the bus arrival and whether I can get onto it.

I have observed more and more cyclist on the same route to CBD and glad to see the trend toward cycling is picking up traction.








2 thoughts on “The Monday Syndrome

  1. I think Mondays are when most people are least able to drag themselves out of bed, till the last minute. And they end up swarming to the stations, the bus stops, the car parks etc together.

    Have to hand it to you too for cycling to work on Mondays. A workout before work, and on a MONDAY? WOW.

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