Note to SIA

Dear Singapore Airline,

I do appreciate this nice little touch of sending me a reminder email on the previous flight search I did on your website. But you do know that one email is more than adequate right? Why do you keep sending me the reminder everyday?

If you are using technology to increase your marketing effectiveness, maybe you should also make sure the technology is smart enough to check that I have already made the booking on later session (via the same Krisflyer log in). What makes it worse is that I cannot hit the reply button to let you know that you have crossed the line.

SIA TaipeiAnd by the way, I have been flying with you for at least 10 years and being the member of your Krisflyer program for the same period and you still calling me “Miss”??

I do think this is a huge miss on your part, Singapore Airline..


Your irritated customer