Taiwan Go Go Go

No trip to Taiwan is complete without the mandatory shot of Taipei 101 – so here is it:


Ok, now that is out of the way. Lets talk about my recent family trip to Taiwan.

I have always like Taiwan, from the first time I stepped into Taiwan with my army unit on training in my early 20s. Like many of my peers, I was captivated by Taiwan’s culture and food.

Most of the army training grounds are located around Tainan and that is where my deepest impression of Taiwan lies, the warmth of the people, the nature, the peace and calm and of course the tasty food!

I made a few more trips (both personal and business) back subsequently after Army, but it was mainly to Taipei. My last trip before the current one was back 7-8 years ago and that was then I find Taiwan a bit boring and a bit predicable – the things that used to excite me was no longer that interesting.

Xilin Night Market is just another night market.

There is only this many times you can go up Taipei 101.

Xi Men Ding is not longer a suitable place for a boring old uncle like me.

XL Chicken Cutlet can now be found everywhere.

So yeah, when we were planning a trip to Taiwan, I wasn’t exactly over the moon. But I do know that it is a ideal place for both kids and elderly in terms of food options, things to do, language and culture.

Credit to The Girl , she planned the entire 9 days itinerary including accommodation, driver and places to visit. I just had to pay.

And I must say that this trip far exceeded my expectation. I get to see more of Taiwan than the total of all my previous trip. And it is a side of Taiwan that I like better. Less of the modern cosmopolitan city of Taipei and more of the rural Taiwan. For anyone who is interested, this is the itinerary that we have done:

 Day 1 (Arrived) Arrival – To Taichung


Day 2 Taichung – Rainbow Village – Lavender Garden


Day 3 Taichung – Sun Moon Lake – Cultural Village


Day 4 Cinjing – Cinjing Farm


Day 5 Flying Cow Ranch


Day 6 Flying Cow Ranch – Le Foo Zoo


Day 7 Yilan


Day 8 Yilan – Jiu Fen Old Street


Day 9 Taipei


The type of activities and sightseeing places to visit are definitely more varied as compared to Taipei. Bonus: They are generally very elderly and kids friendly. But lesson learnt that we should try no to pack so much activities in a single day – so that we can enjoy the place more and explore the places more.

So based on these , I must say that I will definitely visit Taiwan again…!

Till then.

Taipei Xinyi




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