It’s a jungle out there

Having moved to our new (not so new now) place, we have been benefiting from the park connector nearby for Moon’s daily walk and our exercising regime.

And we have been seeing a lot of wildlife appearing at our neighbourhood recently like otters, squirrels, fishes, huge lizards and just this morning, a monkey.




The ugliest hotel in Singapore

Built on the site of the former Midlink Plaza at 122 Middle Road, the Lian Beng-led consortium (Lian Beng Group, Centurion Properties, coffeeshop operator Chang Cheng Group and a vehicle controlled by K Box chain owner Jason Lee) acquired Midlink Plaza , which was a nine-storey strata office and retail building, through a collective sale in 2011, brokered by Credo Real Estate, now part of JLL. The building that now stands in its place is the new Mercure-branded 395 heritage inspired (?!?! – what is a heritage inspired room?!? Do they even know the history of Bugis area?) room hotels with some retail shops.

I happened to walk pass the bugis/middle road area and chanced upon this nearly completed building.

The picture on the left is the artist’s perspective (or rendering) and the picture on the right is the actual photo taken. And the problem is that it is not immediately apparent which is uglier… Just in case the above photo is too small, below is a bigger photo for your inspection.


It looks like someone took a part each from three different drawings and put them together.

Of course, design is subjective and differing from people to people. Do let me know if you come across a uglier tourist-class hotel (new) that is uglier than this monstrosity.