The Story of a Cup of Coffee

I get my daily morning coffee from a local coffee joint en route to work for the past three years. So much so that I have become a regular there and knows all the staff working there.

On less busy mornings, bantering and greeting are common and we will discuss in drips and drags on life etc.

Nowadays, the conversation will be centered around the twins. Naturally so. One particular conversation stuck to my mind when I was asked how come I look so fresh every morning even though I have a toddler and a pair of newborns at home.

It will be easy to attribute it to having a confinement lady, a maid and a strong support system in place, but at the top of these support system that ties everything together is my wife.

It is not easy to maintain any resemblance of sanity when you have to juggle all the diapers change, feeding time, gassy stomach, running a household, allocating time to an active three years old. The fact that I can go to work knowing everyone is well taken care of and coming home from work to a home cook meal speaks volume of her capability.

I don’t say it often enough but she is a pillar of strength in our house and I am constantly in awe of her strengths to handling everything.

So this is my story of a cup of coffee.



How to whitewash – Singapore Style

Step 1: Declare your innocence and delegate the everything out to your trusted ones.

Step 2: Further demonstrate your innocence by avail yourself to a questioning session to people (preferably all the people should be on your payroll). Also make sure your trusted ones defend you rigorously through media favorable to you, because …. well… they are pretty much in the same boat now.

Step 3: Make sure your accusers are not in the same session.

(Bonus step: Get one of your trusted ones to dare the people on your payroll to censure you – obviously no one will – because they are on your payroll ; but it doesn’t matter as this will further enhance your innocence)

Step 4: Play the ‘family’ card

Step 5: Declare your innocence and “white-washed”. Get everyone to focus on more pressing matter ahead – like survival; because trivial matter like this is *roll eyes* waste of resources and time.


Quite Easily Done.