Hello 2019

This photo sums up our 2018 – year of adjusting and coping with three active kids + moon. With all our relatives and friends help that we are able to conquer this year.

#elliottlim is growing into his elder brother role and he is growing up at an incredibly fast pace. The individual character of #edithlim & #everettlim are slowly coming out as we get to know them better. #missmoonthedog is always here watching over everyone in her non-fuss way.
Moving into 2019, @missene and I are plannjng to make some adjustments so that we will get to spend more time with #eeeblings and moon. As the big 4-0 approaches, I also hope to allocate some me-time to clear my bucket list.

Time is an infinite resources and as such, from my family to yours, we hope everyone will have time to do whatever you want in 2019.