It is all in the name

As a parent, we are conscious of the name that we give our child now will have impact and consequence for him in the future. Therefore, when Elliott came along, we stick to these basic rules for your baby’s name:

Rule no 1 : No made up names

Rule no 2: No naming after celebrities, past, present or future.

Rule no 3: No names that ends with a letter “z”, “v” or “q”

Rule no 4: No names that might be pronounced in other manner other than the one you have intended for.

These same rules that should applies to naming of anything…. in a ideal world. But sadly, in Singapore, we are besiege with funny names that breach one or all(!) the above rules.

So I came across this piece of news where an upcoming condominium and mall in Potong Pasir have had their proposed names changed from The Andrew Residences and The Andrew Village after the  St Andrew’s alumni  complained that names is a close reference to the St Andrew’s schools’ history and could cause confusion among members of the public.

So the spokesman for the developer  ride on this news and as they represent “as a socially responsible developer, we take such community sentiments seriously…”, the names has been changed to ….





… wait for it…



The Poiz Residences and The Poiz Centre (huh?)

The spokesman further explained the brilliant concept behind the new name “The new condominium and mall is located nearby, integrated with Potong Pasir MRT Station – which was a key reason for the new choice of names.”

and adding to the explanation:

“We seek to adopt the first two alphabets of ‘Potong’ so that it gives the naming a sense of place,”

He further added  “The name Poiz has a similar ring to ‘poise’, which suggests grace, balance and presence.”

So I thought “Poiz” might be a made up name, so I went to search and to my disappointment  surprise, I found this explanation:


so future residents of The Poiz Residences can take reference of their french (!?) roots.



Without undergoing the cold extremes, there will not be fragrant plum.