Case of a wrong caption-ing



In case the photo above doesn’t load properly: The photo shows an adult panda bear partially hidden between two stumps with the caption ” The wife of China’s ambassador to Japan (!!) and the governor of Tokyo (!?!) turned out on Monday to help mark this week’s public debut of Japan’s popular panda cub, who turned six-months-old this month.

Well played, Business Times. Well played

Invasion of the vending machines

A sight that is more commonly found in Japan than in Singapore.

Spotted just outside International Plaza (facing the MRT exit) –  a row of vending machines that dispense neither food/snacks nor drinks.


Reminded me of the vending machine cafe that was launched recently and located in some remote corner in Sengkang (Blk 320C along Anchorvale Drive).  It supposedly dishes out hot food such as Nasi Goreng Istimewa or Vegetarian Rice Noodle with tables and chairs where can tuck into meals in comfort. Sounds a bit sad but I can understand – need hot food at weird hours, find a vending machine cafe.

But a vending machine that can dispense non-essential items such as jewelry, phone cases, knick knack? Why would it even be something I need to get at weird hours or because I am walking by?

Intriguing. We shall see how long they can last.




“Malaysia’s attorney-general said on Tuesday that US$681 million transferred into Prime Minister Najib Razak’s personal bank account was a gift from the royal family in Saudi Arabia and there were no criminal offences or corruption involved.”

Business Times Jan 2016

Really… I wonder if the royal family in Saudi Arabia can give me a gift as well? I don’t need US$681 million, probably just US$1 million will do.

Oh, and if they do that, I will just keep it in my account and if ever I get “caught”, I can just return the money. No criminal offences or corruption involved.

Oh Malaysia, how ridiculous can this get?



Face-palm moment

Cannot make it lar!
Cannot make it lar!

Remember about this particular colleague that irritates people and particularly gets on my nerve? Well, he still does that consistently well, like how he hounded me for some information on a early morning of a Hari Raya holiday – which I found out that information he wanted was only needed a week later and was a backup information.

Below was a classic moment where he (as usual, loudly and at the irritating tone which you cannot help but overhear) converse over the phone such that everyone around him can hear what is going on:

My neighbor’s telephone call just now…

JT: Can I ask about ….

Helpdesk: Your name

JT: John… I like to ask about……

Helpdesk: Where are you calling from?

JT: Just one of the developer looking at developing ….




Helpdesk: Can I have your email address?



It is all in the name

Just read that the club/bar located on the 57th floor of the Marina Bay Sands Ku De Ta, will have its name changed to Ce La Vi after some legal tussle with the trademark owner in Bali (the REAL Ku De Ta)

The new name is apparently abbreviated from the French phrase, “c’est la vie”, or “this is life”, Ce La Vi aims to become “the international titan of lifestyle and sophisticated hedonism”.

I can just imagine how the new name is going to be slaughtered by some locals and Chinese. *giggle*



I got this letter in the mail and thought nothing of it. Until I almost threw it away when I read the sentence on the envelope.

Almost (?!?) 90% of our customers pay their bills on time, be one of them.

It was a bit disconcerting to be reading this kind of statement on the envelope of a utility company.

SP Services, shame on you.

Pls sack your entire corporate communication team while you are shaming away.